Beginning Google Maps

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Dear Reader,
Applications with PHP
and Ajax: From Novice
The Google Maps API has opened up a world of possibilities for building geo-
to Professional
graphically oriented applications. Meanwhile, Ruby on Rails provides a devel-
opment environment that is both incredibly productive and a joy to use. This
book deals with the intersection of these two great tools.
In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build Google Maps
Google Maps
applications using Ruby on Rails. You’ll start with the “hello, world” of mapping
applications: putting markers on a map and making them interactive. You’ll learn
how to leverage geocoding services to translate street addresses into points on
the map. And you’ll learn to utilize CSS and JavaScript to build user interfaces.
You’ll also learn about some very advanced topics, such as the math behind
map projections. Some of our favorite topics are in the later chapters. In
Chapter 7, we utilize RMagick to overlay arbitrary information on the map.
Applications with
Dynamic server-side image generation is a powerful technique, made even
more potent by its integration into a Maps-based application. We use the tech-
nique to display more than 115,000 points on a map, far outstripping the
amount of data you could display on a map with conventional means.
Another favorite topic is in Chapter 11, where we build our own geocoder
from scratch using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This is a great demon-
Rails and Ajax
stration of Ruby as a scripting language, as we need to do a lot of processing on
flat text files.
Ruby on Rails and Google Maps make a great combination. We hope you
enjoy utilizing the techniques in this book as much as we enjoyed writing about
Andre Lewis, Mike Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells, and Cameron Turner
From Novice to Professional
Companion eBook
Build awesome Rails-driven mapping applications
Beginning Ruby
Beginning Google Maps
using the powerful Google Maps API
Applications with Rails and Ajax
Beginning Ruby on Rails
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on $10 eBook version
Pro CSS Techniques
Beginning JavaScript with
DOM Scripting and Ajax
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