Found in Translation: Youtube Partners with Gengo for Human Touch

Greg Bates, March 29th, 2013

Gengo Human TranslationYoutube has chosen Gengo and for professional/human translation of video captions. Users can access the services from their Youtube accounts, and then work directly with the services from there.

Aaron Swartz’s Programmable Web: An Unfinished Work

Greg Bates, March 26th, 2013

In February, Morgan and Claypool Publishers released a 54-page unfinished work by Aaron Swartz on A Programmable Web. It begins with a focus on the architecture of the web,  and moves on to “what it means to build a program on top of the web.”

Quandl API: A Wikipedia for Numerical Data

Ajay Ohri, February 25th, 2013

Quandl Founder Tammer Kamel wants to create a new Wikipedia for Numeric Data. Quandl has built a sort of “universal data parser” which has thus far parsed about 2.8 million datasets without anything from any data publisher.  As long as they spit out data somehow (excel, text file, blog post, xml, api, etc) the “Q-bot” can slurp it up. The result is as sort of “search engine” for numerical data.  Quandl’s bot returns data in a totally standard format. The idea with Quandl is that you can find data fast, and it is ready to use.

Nobel Prize API: Accessing Data on a Laureates

Greg Bates, February 18th, 2013

Nobel PrizeThe Novel Prize API opens the data from the site on Nobel Prize winners to developers. The data consists of who has won the prizes, their affiliation at the time they won the award, and birth data. According to the documentation, the REST API gives responses in JSON or CSV, and no registration for an API key is needed.

Nobel Prize Gets Official API

Guest Author, January 29th, 2013

Nobel PrizeAlfred Nobel was an inventor with 350 patents to his name, who among many other things invented dynamite. Nobel was also a successful businessman and when he died he stated that most of his fortune should be awarded to the most important discoveries in science, outstanding work in literature as well as the best work to promote peace.

Today in APIs: Nike Launches the Nike+ Developer Portal, Corporate Hackathons and Exploitation, and 11 New APIs

Greg Bates, January 21st, 2013

Nike PlusNike launches the Nike+ Developer Portal. The thin line between corporate hackathons and exploitation. Plus: Twitter libraries that support the latest version, Facebook cuts off access to Voxer over competition concerns, and 11 new APIs.

Today in APIs: The Call for a Google Plus Read/Write API, 3Scale’s Top 10 API Blogposts of 2012 and 26 New APIs

Greg Bates, December 31st, 2012

Google PlusTechcrunch calls for a full Google Plus Read/Write API. 3Scale names the top 10 API Blogposts of 2012. Plus: Newspaper posts gun owner names and addresses, Amazon S3 adds root domain website hosting and 26 new APIs.

The Stipple API: Embed the Story Behind the Photo and a Lot More

Greg Bates, December 28th, 2012

StippleThe Stipple API is free, has no request limits as of yet, and OAUTH 2 will be supported in the future. According to its website on the API, it is “inspired by REST”. Stipple announces its rare downtime, which is usually used to migrate data, via its twitter account.

Today in APIs: Dropbox Chooser Arrives in Apps, Google Helps Businesses Move Mail to the Cloud and 15 New APIs

Greg Bates, November 26th, 2012

DropboxDropbox Chooser is already showing up in your favorite apps. Google launches groups migration to move businesses’ shared mailboxes. Plus Facebook updates its Android SDK and adds a payment tool, Amazon EC2 adds support for FreeBSD, Debian and CentOS, and 15 new APIs.

Google Coordinate API: Empowering the Team

Greg Bates, October 22nd, 2012

Google CoordinateGoogle Coordinate API enables mobile work teams to do four simple things that, when done by everyone on the team, can propel productivity: communicate, see everyone’s location on a map, pinpoint and assign jobs, and notify and update each other constantly.

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