14 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, Google Maps, and Twitter

Kevin Sundstrom, February 16th, 2013

This past week 8 new mashups were added to our mashup directory and 14 different APIs were used to build them. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include Cloudmade Leaflet, ESPN, Payment Vision Pay, Payments Gateway, Paymentwall, QuickBlox and WordPress.org. The most often used APIs this week are Google Maps, Payment Vision Pay and YouTube. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Mapping (3 APIs, 4 mashups), Payment (2 APIs, 3 mashups) and Blogging (1 APIs, 1 mashups).

A Hacker’s Superbowl Tailgate: Sports Hack Day

Eric Carter, January 30th, 2013

This Sunday, millions of sports fans around the world will sit in front of televisions and watch the biggest professional football game of the year. Among those watching will be a select group of hackers and data crunchers in Seattle, Washington. However, instead of prepping for the big game by stocking up on salsa and beer; these hackers will participate in Sports Hack Day and be a part of  ”building applications that change the way people follow sports and interact with their favorite teams and fellow fans.”

Today In APIs: Facebook Platform Updates, Temboo API and 17 New APIs

Romin Irani, January 24th, 2013

FacebookFacebook Platform Updates include restricting content by age and new ad guidelines. Temboo API provides a common way to access 100+ APIs. Plus: Google puts code of all its Cloud offerings on Github and 17 new APIs.

Ergast API Puts Car Racing Fans in the Driver’s Seat

Ajay Ohri, December 5th, 2012

ErgastWe had a look at the Ergast Developer API , which basically covers car racing for Formula 1 enthusiasts and an interesting mashup using the Shiny statistical platform for web applications. We also had a look at the ESPN API which covers the Formula 1 sport but also the NASCAR racing.

Today in APIs: Datasift Scores for Combining Big and Social Data, Subtledata Has Not-So-Subtle Impact and 12 New APIs

Greg Bates, November 13th, 2012

DataSiftDatasift scores $15 million in funding to marry public data to private enterprise data. Subtledata debuts developer platform to access point-of-sale systems. Plus new Facebook features for Hootsuite, Cloudability exits beta while offering killer analytics and cloud spending controls, and 12 new APIs.

Today in APIs Obama Breaks Twitter Records, Hackathon to Demolish Gender Stereotypes, and 5 New APIs

Greg Bates, November 8th, 2012

HootSuite EngagementPresident Obama tweets to victory. Hackathon challenges gender stereotypes. Plus Facebook gives 90 day notice for impending API changes such as ending custom actions for content consumption, Pocket service for reading it later launches a new SDK, and 5 new APIs.

Women + Sports + Technology = Awesomeness

Curtis C. Chen, November 8th, 2012

ESPNWhat happens when women combine their love of sports with their love of technology? ESPN plans to find out this weekend, at the espnW Hack Day supporting its ESPN API and held on the Stanford University campus. And if you don’t think women love sports or technology, you need to think again.

70 New APIs: Capital One, ESPN and Tapstream

Wendell Santos, October 7th, 2012
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This week we had 70 new APIs added to our API directory including a credit card identity service, open scoring service, application tracking service, online programming community and a media transcoding service. In addition we covered an API that lets users perform image tagging for fun and profit, and an API for creating personalized postcards. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Today in APIs: Electricity Data API, Lemon Wallet API and 22 New APIs

Romin Irani, October 3rd, 2012

LemonU.S. Energy Information Administration releases Electricity Data. Lemon Opens Wallet API to publishers. Plus: miiCard launches Identity-as-a-Service platform, Mogreet Launches Powerful APIs for Video, Image, and Audio MMS, SMS and Content Transcoding, and 22 New APIs.

Best New Mashups: Sports Mashups Using ESPN, Google Maps and Twitter

Wendell Santos, September 28th, 2012

For sports fans, this might be the best time of the year. Baseball is winding down and the playoffs are about to begin, the NFL and NCAA are in full gear with big matchups every weekend and basketball is on the horizon with camps opening soon. Today’s look at mashups focuses on those that bring [...]

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