Keek Launches First API for Video Updates

Eric Carter, June 20th, 2013

Keek, social video network, recently announced the release of the Keek API. Alongside the API launch, Keek established a developer portal that includes tools and resources to assist developers in integrating Keek with third party applications. The Keek API grants developers access to public keeks (i.e. 36 second video updates), search, user profiles, klusters, and more.

VidyoConferencing 3.0: New Capabilities Available With API Integration

Greg Bates, June 18th, 2013

Vidyo’s VidyoConferencing 3.0 is a major release including a new desktop conferencing system, a sharing and collaboration system,  and two new room system form factors. One of the most interesting features is Vidyoweb that works in browsers to include users of IM clients such as Skype and Google and streamlined experience for guest users on the system.

Framebase Offers an API for Video

Eric Carter, June 17th, 2013

FramebaseAt its very core, Framebase constitutes an API for video. The Framebase API enables developers to easily add video to an application without the hassles that usually accompany video. Whether an app needs to record, play, or upload a video; Framebase empowers apps with attractive video capabilities. The Framebase team created Framebase purely out of personal frustration with adding and maintaining video within other apps. Accordingly the team created Framebase: “Framebase is programmatic video.”

Two Video APIs from that Giant Search Engine that Starts with G…

Greg Bates, June 17th, 2013

GracenoteQuick: name that huge search engine you use a lot that starts with G but isn’t…Google. (Hint: it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony.) Right. It’s Gracenote, the folks who help you identify all those tracks in your music library. Okay, it’s not exactly a search engine in the conventional sense. But it does have 130 million tracks and TV listings across 28 countries. And it handles 15 billion queries a month. We’ve covered Gracenote’s earlier APIs in a previous column.

One Line Of Code And Your Video Functionality Is Sorted: CameraTag API

Candice McMillan, June 11th, 2013

CameraTagFor developers looking for an easy way to collect videos from users’ webcams for a variety of applications, CameraTag could be just the thing. The company provides an the CameraTag API that makes it possible to add webcam video recording to websites with just one line of code. The folks at CameraTag are quite confident that their product is better and more cost effective than competitors such as framey, nimbb and framebase, that they’ve even included a head-to-head comparison of features and prices on their website.

HeyWatch Expands API Offering with Video Preview API

Eric Carter, June 3rd, 2013

HeyWatch, leading cloud video encoding service, has announced a new Video Preview API. Through the API, users can generate image previews from a video with hopes to inspire user engagement, conversions, and number of views. The API generates a storyboard style set of screenshots to intrigue a viewer.

Blinkx Provides App, Open Source Video Player for Tizen Device Platform

Greg Bates, June 3rd, 2013

BlinkxTizen, the open source, standards-based mobile device platform that resides in the linux foundation now has a dedicated blinkx app, plus an open source blinkx video player. The blinkx API requires registration to see any documentation but more information on the video player for Tizen is available.

Weemo Completes $3 Million Funding Round For Cloud Based, API-Centric Video Platform

Janet Wagner, May 29th, 2013

WeemoWeemo, a cloud-based video service provider, has announced that the company has completed a $3 million funding round that will go towards increasing market adoption of the Weemo video platform which includes the Weemo API.

The Wevideo API: Editing and Storyboard Tools at Your Fingertips

Greg Bates, April 29th, 2013

WeVideoThe Wevideo API opens up this video-editing-in-the-cloud service. Technical information on the API is available directly from the company.  Wevideo provides a solid set of editing and storyboard tools including a timeline and a library of soundtracks. Beyond that, the cloud gives movie editors something else: the ability to collaborate with ease. Because you can create copies of footage, different people can edit the same video as they please.

Include Video Screening in Recruiting Platforms with Wowzer API

Eric Carter, March 18th, 2013

Wowzer, video screening/interviewing provider, announced the public release of the first Wowzer API.  Wowzer believes its video screening platform (as an alternative to phone screening) reduces candidate screening time by 75%. Recruiters and employers can evaluate and respond to applicants in a time and manner most beneficial to their organization. Extending the Wowzer platform via API allows recruiters to integrate the Wowzer features into existing hiring processes.

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