HelloSign API Enables Free, Secure eSignature Integration

Eric Carter, November 7th, 2012

HelloSignTired of physical signatures interrupting your document workflows? HelloSign released the HelloSign API that allows developers to integrate eSignatures into websites, apps, or company processes. HelloSign’s creators were first bothered by paper’s inefficiency and wastefulness, and the irritation led to HelloFax.

Semantic Research: Understanding the Connections Between the Dots

Greg Bates, November 5th, 2012

Semantic Research SemanticaThe Semantic Research API documentation is not publicly available. The company specializes in knowledge structures which primarily have to do with law enforcement and intelligence.

Could Your API Land You in Court: What Developers Should Know

Loraine Lawson, October 5th, 2012

When a federal judge declared in June that software APIs aren’t covered by copyright law, it was a major victory not just for Google against Oracle, but for the API developers and users alike.

Focus on Your App, Let RPost Cloud Worry about Compliance

Eric Carter, April 26th, 2012

RPostRpost made its name in the compliance space through its Rpost API and core products: email proof, privacy, and electronic signatures. Rpost’s core offering won a customer list full of household names across many industries, both public and private (Whole Foods, AT&T, and Civpol to name a few). Rpost now aims to bring its compliance strategy to all internet transactions via RPost Cloud.

Rocket Matter: Lawyering in the Cloud

Kevin Sundstrom, March 29th, 2012

Rocket MatterLaw practice and case management software has been around for years. These Programs gave lawyers the ability to focus on what they love to do and simplified the recurring tasks that are incurred when running a law practice. However, many lawyers don’t work solely from the comfort of their office where these tools have been easily accessible in the past. Thankfully, we now have “Cloud Based Law Practice Management”, allowing lawyers to access the tools that they use to manage day to day operations anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Today in APIs: Google Maps, Twitter Replay and 10 New APIs

Adam DuVander, February 16th, 2012

Google MapsThe Google Maps API took a hit in France as non-competitive. The Gnip API now lets its customers go back in time, tweet-wise, retroactively tracking specific terms. Plus: APIs for hustlers, putting the “why” in user permissions and 10 new APIs.

“Don’t Use Our Private API,” They Said Snark.ly

Adam DuVander, February 10th, 2012

Sniffing for API calls from mobile applications has become the hip new way to open platforms that aren’t yet ready for outside developers. Usually broadly-written terms and conditions essentially forbid this sort of usage, but it still happens. Snark.ly, a new iPhone app for people to share their funny one-liners, has gone a step further and expressly forbids the use of its private API in its terms.

API Terms and Conditions Done Right

Guest Author, February 2nd, 2012

One of the questions we are often asked at 3scale (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) is around legal terms and conditions (T&Cs) – once we have all the technical stuff, what should we put in the API terms and conditions? Should they be different from our web site terms and conditions? What will the impact of certain clauses be? Since we’re not a law firm, we generally can’t answer this question in detail but there are a few recurring themes we often see in T&Cs that seem worth sharing.  The content of this post should not be taken as legal advice in any way, but hopefully it provides some useful things to consider.

Avvo Q&A: Why Did a Legal Directory Prioritize an API?

Romin Irani, February 7th, 2011

AvvoAvvo, the lawyer and doctor directory we profiled last week, has recently opened its Avvo API for wider use. To understand Avvo’s plans for its API, we spoke with Joshua King, Vice President, Business Development & General Counsel at Avvo. It is interesting to note that Avvo prioritized the release of its API over other opportunities that it had. Read the full Q & A with King below:

Expert Legal and Medical Directory an API Call Away

Romin Irani, February 3rd, 2011

AvvoLawyers and Doctors have a special place in our society. Most of us need them at some time or the other. Avvo is a directory focused on lawyers and doctors, allowing us to search them based on their area, expertise, user ratings and other criteria. Now its Avvo API provides the same functionality to your applications.

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