Companies That Have Killed the Most APIs

Adam DuVander, August 16th, 2013

It’s a natural part of the API lifecycle for some to no longer be available. According to the ProgrammableWeb directory, about 13% of those that were once alive are now considered “deadpooled.” Of the companies tracked in the directory, Google tops the list with 33 discontinued APIs. However, it also has the most APIs. Percentage-wise, a handful of phone carriers seem most apt to kill APIs.

LoginRadius Adds Login with Amazon, Platform Now Serves Over 50,000 Sites and Reaches 10 Million Users Per Month

Janet Wagner, June 7th, 2013

LoginRadiusLoginRadius, a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider of social infrastructure, has announced the addition of “Login with Amazon” to the LoginRadius social infrastructure platform. The LoginRadius platform and Unified Social API features social login with 29 ID providers, single sign-on, user profile data, friend invite, social analytics, social sharing and more.

Amazon EC2 On Demand Windows Instances -Prices reduced by 20%

Ajay Ohri, April 8th, 2013

Announcement from the Amazon people- yes- more price reductions. Amazon is turning into the Walmart of the cloud , with frequent price reductions. We recently announced the 50% reduction in their API Requests here.

Amazon S3 API Requests prices slashed by half

Ajay Ohri, April 3rd, 2013

Just heard this great , heart warming news from the big guys on the cloud storage, Amazon .  It has reduced Amazon S3 request prices in all nine regions.

AWS Summits To Hit 12 Cities This Year

Romin Irani, February 27th, 2013

Amazon EC2Amazon Web Services (AWS) is on a roll this year. With price cuts, introduction of new services and management tools, they have set the foundation for continuing to dominate the IaaS space. Their latest announcement was AWS OpsWorks, an integrated management tool for resource provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, monitoring, and access control. With the range of services that they provide, it becomes a little difficult for new developers to navigate through their offerings and also for experienced devs to take advantage of them.

The Aftership API: Great Customer Service on Shipping for Online Retailers

Greg Bates, February 20th, 2013

AfterShipGreat customer service has long been a competitive advantage for any business. But for online merchants, that can take up valuable extra time, as customers wonder where their packages are.  Amazon’s massive online retail business has done many things, such as famously upended the book industry. It’s also  changed customer expectations–free shipping (or shipping by subscription), fast delivery, giving customers the ability to track with a click of a button. It puts the mom-and-pop online stores–and many other large operations–at a disadvantage. Aftership provides the Aftership API to help level the playing field.

Amazon Redshift API is out of limited preview and available!

Ajay Ohri, February 18th, 2013

Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze data using existing business intelligence tools. It is optimized for datasets ranging from a few hundred gigabytes to a petabyte or more and costs less than $1,000 per terabyte per year, a tenth the cost of most traditional data warehousing solutions.  Amazon announced that Redshift is now in general availability and out of limited preview.

Coming in May: Amazon Coins, a New Virtual Currency for Kindle Fire

Janet Wagner, February 7th, 2013

Amazon Web ServicesEarlier this week, ProgrammableWeb reported that Amazon has released an In-App Purchasing API for applications and games developed for Mac and PC platforms. A Kindle Fire In-App Purchasing API has been available in the Amazon Mobile App SDK since early last year. Amazon has now announced that another tool will be made available for developers to monetize games and applications; Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire that will be launched in the U.S. this May.

Amazon Ups Game with In-App Purchasing API for Mac and PC Apps

Greg Bates, February 4th, 2013

Amazon eCommerceAmazon has just released an in-App purchasing API for PC and Mac Apps. Game developers should win big. This closely follows its Kindle ebook commitment to extending products across platforms. Ebooks were first available on Kindle readers, then they became readable on Macs and PCs. The roll out for in-App purchases in games was likewise first available to Kindle Fire and Android developers last April, a precursor to this announcement.

Amazon Launches New Tool That Helps Developers Integrate Amazon APIs into Android Apps

Janet Wagner, January 22nd, 2013

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon has just announced the release of the Mobile App SDK Eclipse plugin (beta), a new tool that makes it easier for developers to integrate Amazon APIs into Android applications using Eclipse.

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