Punkrock.org: Never Mind the Bollocks–Get the API!

Greg Bates, January 22nd, 2013

Punkrock.orgThe Punkrock.org API uses POST and GET calls that allow a user of your app to access their own user info on Punkrock.org, including friends, mail, notifications and allows them to upload photos. Requesting an API key is required for access to services.

ShareMyPlaylist Releases API Offering Developers Access to a Wealth of Spotify Playlists, Song Tracks and Metadata

Janet Wagner, January 18th, 2013

ShareMyPlaylistsShareMyPlaylists, a Spotify playlist sharing site, has just announced the release of the ShareMyPlaylists API, allowing developers access to thousands of playlists, millions of song tracks and a wealth of playlist metadata.

InternetDJ API: Make Your Off-Label Music Spin

Greg Bates, January 7th, 2013

InternetDJ MusicThe InternetDJ API opens this electronic music site to your app.  Since 1997 (not a typo!) composers and fans have been able to share and mix  music and videos. According to the API’s website, requests are limited to 5,000 a day, responses are in JSON and an auth key is required.

Helping Musicians Reach The Fans: BandPage API

Candice McMillan, November 26th, 2012

BandpageBandPage creates a platform where musicians, fans and others in the music industry can interact easily. For musicians, it can be difficult to stay connected to fans who are scattered all over the web. BandPage aims to rectify this issue by providing musicians with a one-stop-shop solution; update once and publish everywhere. Bands simply create a BandPage profile and all their info is updated across various other online channels as well. The BandPage API allows third party developers to access this data and integrate it into other applications.

Pollstar API: Keeping Music Fans In The Know

Candice McMillan, November 7th, 2012

PollstarFor staying up to date with band tour dates, live venue information and more, Pollstar has it covered. It’s a trade publication that covers music industry information on a worldwide scale. What’s pretty cool is that Pollstar provides an API that allows third party developers access to the full event database, enabling them to include Pollstar data on other websites and applications.

SonicAPI.com Democratizes Professional-grade Music Processing

Eric Carter, October 29th, 2012

sonicAPI.comSonicAPI.com consists of  ”a small team of developers dedicated to creating audio technology to make the world sound better.” The SonicAPI.com API utilizes zplane technology to allow developers to integrate audio processing into existing apps, websites, or in-house solutions. Professional software companies around the world use zplane technology for high-grade audio processing, and sonicAPI.com wants to put such tools in the hands of developers everywhere.

Auphonic Delivers Industry First Audio Processing API

Eric Carter, October 11th, 2012

AuphonicAuphonic was founded and developed by deeply talented sound engineers and technologists firmly rooted in all things audio. In its brief existence, Auphonic has developed a partner community dedicated to growing the sound technology world through education and research (i.e. PodloveScience Park GrazIEM, and Graz University of Technology).

SeatGeek Builds Rock Star Graph?

Curtis C. Chen, September 20th, 2012

SeatGeekHow does the Web’s largest ticket search engine improve its API? By giving developers easy access to more information, of course. SeatGeek recently made links to artists’ Spotify and Last.fm profiles available through the SeatGeek API, and the company promises even more data in the future.

Shuffler.fm Turns Bloggers Into DJs

Candice McMillan, September 12th, 2012

Shuffler.fmShuffler.fm is a web based music magazine that allows users to browse music on the web through music sites and blogs. It allows them to discover new music and keep an eye on current trends, with the help of those in the know.

Stitcher Mobile App Gets Wheels with API/Auto Integration

Eric Carter, August 6th, 2012

Stitcher; the mobile leader in news, entertainment, sports, and talk radio; recently released Stitcher Connect. Stitcher Connect is “talk radio’s first API developed for the car.” The API delivers all of the features of Stitcher’s mobile app (Stitcher Smart Radio) directly to the vehicle. According to Stitcher CEO, Noah Shanok, “Over a third of our listeners are currently using Stitcher in the car [via the mobile app].” The next logical step was to integrate directly with the automobile, so “listeners can seamlessly access and discover the best of over 10,000 shows on Stitcher in the car.”

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