MyDoorHandle Delivers API Access to Virtual Address Solution

Eric Carter, April 14th, 2014

MyDoorHandle allows users to create short, memorable weblinks that point to physical locations: DoorHandles. Instead of sharing physical addresses (which easily become outdated or incomplete), DoorHandles create a digital address which are easy to create and continually ensure accuracy.  MyDoorHandle has now expanded its offering to include API access to DoorHandle creation. The API will allow third party developers to incorporate MyDoorHandle’s many location based services.

deCarta Launches Brand New DevZone Developer Portal and Geospatial Platform REST API

Janet Wagner, October 24th, 2013

deCartadeCarta, a leading location based services (LBS) platform provider, has announced the launch of the brand new deCarta DevZone Developer Portal and brand new deCarta Geospatial Platform REST API which is a complete suite of location based services and data.

GM Finds New Roads with Curated App Store, More Changes Down the Track

Greg Bates, August 9th, 2013

General MotorsVery little has been happening on the GM API front lately beyond plans for connected cars announced in January. But that quiet period could signal the retooling before the storm. Programmableweb’s Janet Wagner wrote a three-part series earlier in June, making it clear that changes are coming from every auto manufacturer. One indication: our API directory lists 17 APIs under “vehicle.” The GM APIs cover features everyone would expect, from audio streaming to location data. But GM’s plans extend far beyond that.

OpenStreetMap Anyone? OpenCage Is Making the Data More Accessible

Amy Castor, August 8th, 2013

The fact that so many people these days are walking around with smartphones that track exactly where they are has opened up big opportunities for location-based services.

OpenDataCommunities API: Data Discovery and Visualizations for UK neighborhoods

Mark Boyd, July 30th, 2013

OpendatacommunitiesNew tools and accessibility options have been added to the Opendatacommunities API to extend ease-of-access to the UK Government’s five-star dataset managed by the Department for Communities and Local Governments. Datasets include neighborhood-level analysis of housing and homelessness, quality of life indicators, and wellbeing measures.
A showcase of visualizations and interactive dashboards has been created to demonstrate how developers, data analysts and local communities can use the open datasets to better understand the interplay of economic and lifestyle factors on specific neighborhoods across the UK.

The Transit App API: A Trusted Tool For The Daily Traveller

Candice McMillan, July 15th, 2013

The Transit AppThe Transit App, an application that provides commuters with real-time transit information on iOS, makes its Transit App API available to developers who may want to integrate the functionality with other applications. The app has already been widely downloaded and received positive customer reviews, and filling the gap that was left when Apple removed transit from its own Maps app, it seems to be a really useful tool for anyone who relies on public transportation and the ability to get accurate and timely travel information.

Say Goodbye to Google Latitude, Service to be Shut Down August 9

Janet Wagner, July 12th, 2013

GoogleAnother API can be added to the list of “Google APIs That Are No More.” The Google Latitude service, including the Latitude API, will be shut down on August 9, 2013. Google Latitude is a geolocation sharing service that allows users to find friends and family on a map as well as share their current location with others they choose.

Factual Helps App Developers Personalize The Mobile Experience

Mark Boyd, July 10th, 2013

Location data platform Factual has today released two new services – previously described by industry leaders as personalization APIs – that will enable developers to create a more intimate, contextual level of engagement with their mobile app users.

Using Crime Data via APIs for Good… or Evil?

Mark Boyd, July 9th, 2013

UK PoliceNew updates to the UK Police API extend the possibility of using crime data to create innovative products and services. While many of the new mashups and services that could be created from using an extended, anonymized dataset of all crimes in the UK could have benefits for local citizens and businesses, there is also the risk that the data could be used to infringe on civil liberties.

Glympse API: Location Sharing With More Control

Candice McMillan, June 25th, 2013

GlympseLocation information sharing has become a quick and easy way for people to effortlessly let friends or family know where they, where to meet or even how far away they are from a particular destination. For those with an ever-increasing mobile lifestyle, this kind of functionality can prove to be quite useful. Glympse is one of these location information tools that uses a dynamic map to update a user’s whereabouts in real time. Glympse also provides the Glympse API that may be interesting to developers who want to include real time location sharing in their applications or websites.

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