Today in APIs: Instagram Looking to Replace Foursquare API, and 8 New APIs

Greg Bates, March 27th, 2014

foursquareInstagram may be looking to find its location data from Facebook, dislocating Foursquare. Pitney Bowes and IBM to cooperate using PB’s location services APIs with IBM’s cloud platform. Plus: Google’s cloud platform adds new features and price cuts, security breach created as users publish Amazon Web services keys on Github, and 8 new APIs.

Today in APIs: Zapier Launches Course on APIs, and 4 New APIs

Greg Bates, March 3rd, 2014

ZapierZapier launches beginner course on how to build APIs. Nordic APIs adds Stockholm stop to tour, March 31st. Plus: Alipay shuts down WeChat’s API, Google launches genomics effort, and 4 new APIs.

EDGAR Online Modernizes Financial Data Access with APIs

Mark Boyd, December 20th, 2013

Financial data intelligence company EDGAR Online is overhauling its services to enable developers to access financial data via APIs. While already offering some API products, financial data services need a fundamental reinvention to enable a new wave of innovation, EDGAR Online President Dave Frankel told ProgrammableWeb.

54 New APIs: Adobe, BitTorrent Sync, and ShopYourWay

Melody Clark, November 17th, 2013

This week, we had 54 new APIs added to our API directory including a social people search API, a multi-lingual social network, and a product information and pricing provider. We also discussed hackathons and the top 10 mistakes in running hackathons.

Today in APIs: Watson’s API and 10 New APIs

Greg Bates, November 14th, 2013

An API makes IBM’s Watson publicly accessible: it’s not just elementary. Google is using Cloud Endpoints to connect mobile developers to the cloud. Plus: Restlet raises $2M with APISpark, Google opens up spectrum database API for TV whitespace, and 10 new APIs.

Indix Releases Alternative to Google Shopping API

Mark Boyd, November 13th, 2013

IndixThe Indix API released today makes product information available in machine-readable format from the “world’s most comprehensive product intelligence platform”, Indix. ProgrammableWeb spoke with Shalendra Chhabra, Director of Marketing, on the eve of the API release.

Today in APIs: SAMI for Samsung, and 18 New APIs

Greg Bates, November 11th, 2013

Luc Julia, former boss of Siri development at Apple, is now demonstrating SAMI, or the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions. Plus: AppGyver integrates Appbackr Xchange API for porting apps, how APIs facilitate open source branding, and 18 new APIs.

122 Business APIs: Conversant, Jigsaw and Torpio

Matthew Scott, November 5th, 2013

JigsawOur API directory now includes 122 business APIs. The newest is the ZenPayroll API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Jigsaw API. We list 4 Jigsaw mashups .

Machine Learning as a Service: Swift IQ Predicts the Future

Mark Boyd, November 1st, 2013

Swift IQ belives Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) will become a key market in the near future as more providers look to integrate predictive APIs with their customer transaction data. After presenting at the recent API Strategy and Practice Conference, Swift IQ CEO Jason Lobel spoke with ProgrammableWeb about how businesses can use an API-driven approach to improve their “adaptive intelligence”, and shares four techniques that can be tested immediately.

APIs Drive Customer Intelligence Applications

Michael Vizard, October 31st, 2013

The existence of APIs has made it possible for organizations to collect and aggregate unprecedented amounts of customer data. What’s not so clear is how to actually go about harnessing it. That issue is giving rise to a host of customer intelligence applications that leverage APIs to ingest data and then, in turn, make analysis of that data available via an external API.

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