Today in APIs: The Deskero Customer Service API, and 9 New APIs

Greg Bates, December 12th, 2013

DeskeroThe Deskero API offers access to a multi-channel ticket system for customer service. Square’s Connect API now available for creating custom data solutions. Plus: Fleksy pairs a new API with an alternative keyboard for apps, TinyPass updates its API and adds a library for Ruby developers, and 9 new APIs.

Deskero’s API Brings Brandable Customer Support with Native Integrations

How can a company go all-out on customer service when there are so many social media outlets to monitor and manage, on top of phone and email? Deskero has the answer: a multi-channel ticket system that has native integrations for each outlet, including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The Deskero API allows third party developers access to its platform of organizing and tagging tickets.

A key ingredient in great customer service is speed. That’s rarely easy in customer service departments that can be chaotic at best. Deskero has streamlined their system to help solve customer problems fast. They have a one-click reply system for fast answers, and the ability to convert any incoming email into a ticket, to name just two features. This is on top of instant chat tickets and post its that mean you never forget.

The API documentation lives up to their claims of being organized, featuring clear instructions on everything from configuration and authentication to tickets and knowledge base areas.

Square’s Connect API Opens Up to Support Customized Data

Square, the makers of the revolutionary payment method for mobile devices, has opened it’s Connect API to third party developers.
As Ken Yeung reports in The Next Web, there are some important limitations:

With the new API, merchants are able to retrieve activity reports for their processed payments, refunds and deposits. Square says that what it will not provide is the ability to accept payments — it’s only for reporting purposes. It’s also limited to pulling data from a single account, so no market research capabilities are available.

Documentation covering endpoint paths, parameters, and the error types, among other features, is provided for merchants and developers who want to connect their data to third party apps.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 22 new APIs added to our API directory including a semantic text analysis service, an automated text labeling tool, a mobile applications analytics platform and an application stack add-on provisioning service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Ai Applied Data MinerAi Applied Data Miner API: Ai Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact with this data in a variety of ways.
The Ai Applied Data Miner API provides a system for continuously tracking conversations in the news, on Facebook, and on Twitter, using a set of specified keywords. The API delivers structured data on all keyword-relevant messages from specified sources. Data types include source, language, age and gender of author, sentiment, and prominent phrases. The Data Miner API uses several of the other Ai Applied APIs on the backend to deliver this data.

Ai Applied Sentiment AnalysisAi Applied Sentiment Analysis API: Ai Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact with this data in a variety of ways.
The Ai Applied Sentiment Analysis API is able to extract the attitude, opinion, or feeling toward a specified entity in any given text. The API returns a text’s sentiment class and intensity in real-time. The API is able to use predefined sentiment classes (positive/neutral/negative) or custom tailored classes.

Ai Applied Text LabelAi Applied Text Label API: Ai Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact with this data in a variety of ways.
The Ai Applied Text Label API extracts meaning from any given text in the form of labels. The API is able to extract labels from texts of any length in several languages.

Applause AnalyticsApplause Analytics API: Applause is an analytics tool that measures mobile app quality and user satisfaction. Applause grades apps across ten attributes, enabling companies to compare their apps version to version and against the competition.
The Applause API provides developer access to the analytics platform. The API is able to search for apps and deliver descriptive or factual information, reviews, and aggregated Applause statistics for a given app.

BroadstackBroadstack API: Broadstack enables developers to append services to their applications by creating stacks on Broadstack and adding one-click add-ons to them. Broadstack then provides a webhook containing the new configuration and the details required to connect the application to the add-ons.

The Broadstack API is aimed at developers who have provisioned add-ons. It allows them to retrieve a list of stacks that have installed a given add-on, get information on a specific stack that has installed an add-on, and update the config variables on provisioned resources.

DeskeroDeskero API: Deskero is a brandable customer support desk that comes with native integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It uses a multi-channel ticket system, which allows Deskero to accept tickets from a wide range of sources. Once collected, tickets can be organized into areas or groups and tagged with custom labels. Deskero also enables users to establish a knowledge base that customers can browse for solutions to their issues. Deskero’s reporting features include 20 kinds graphic reports; users can create custom reports if they prefer.

Ghana Stock Exchange API: The Ghana Stock Exchange API allows users to query real-time trading statistics, get in-depth market data and analysis, and authentic company information. It also allows users to quickly and easily integrate the stock exchange’s market data into third-party applications using REST-style calls. The API returns JSON, JSONP, and XML. The service is free to use.

HummingbirdHummingbird API: Hummingbird is a social site for tracking, sharing, and discovering new anime. Hummingbird’s API can be used to programmatically access information about an anime work, information from a user’s profile, or to manage a particular user’s online anime library.

LuxCloudLuxCloud API: Luxcloud is a channel centric marketplace. The LuxCloud marketplace contains a Cloud Service Layer (CSL). CSL provides neutrality across the various cloud services’ platforms allowing sales partners to add one or multiple cloud services to platform instances. LuxCloud CSL provides developers with access to the LuxCloud services’ platform. CSL gives customers and resellers the possibility to use and manage their services and to create services on the LuxCloud platform and follow a provisioning process. Prospective partners can also view more information here:

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