StackMob: Another Back End Service Provider in Public Beta

Garrett Wilkin, October 27th, 2011

StackMobBackend as a service is a growing space where providers offer outsourced development and support for application back end functions. StackMob, a company currently in private beta is one of the newest players in this area. They offer a cross platform solution including the StackMob API to help developers create mobile apps.

StackMob has two obvious components in its value proposition to developers.  Use our service, they say, and we’ll handle a lot of customary boilerplate web app functions like user logins or facebook integration.  Certainly many applications that are created today incorporate user accounts and social networks, so that’s definitely a time saver.  The second value add from StackMob is in the API hosting arena.  They offer expertise in managing API deployment and versioning.  You can test a new API version in a sandbox environment before rolling to production.  If you really mess something up StackMob promises that it will be easy to revert to your last working version.  A tempting offer for certain.

It’s completely possible that a website might utilize one, either, or both of these offerings.  The price model for this service is still to be decided will determine and will affect what type of customers the platform attracts.  My guess is that StackMob is more interested in working with API providers by lowering the barrier to entry and increasing the quality of the API space in general.

Stay tuned for a post on yet another company in this space: CocoaFish, Kinvey, or Parse.  All in beta!

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3 Responses to “StackMob: Another Back End Service Provider in Public Beta”

October 28th, 2011
at 4:25 am
Comment by: Jerome Louvel

Great to see this market taking shape indeed! Two days ago, we announced the private beta of “API Spark” (, an online web API platform, based on our open source Restlet experience.

January 18th, 2012
at 10:47 pm
Comment by: Steve M

We’ve just launched, which takes things a step further by providing developers with complete control over the API they use, requiring no APIs to be added to their app codebase.

We would love to get feedback from mobile app developers out there!

February 23rd, 2012
at 9:41 pm
Comment by: TraxNet

There are more actors like the European ProtoAPI ( which is also in Open Beta. Simple yet powerful REST API for accessing your data and a plethora of open-source client libraries for accessing the platform from any device or web application.

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