Long-Awaited Forrst API Helps Connect Developers

Allen Tipper, June 6th, 2011

ForrstForrst is a community for developers and designers to connect and collaborate. On Forrst users can share links, code, and in-progress projects, as well as discuss these things. This sort of community is always useful, as many eyes on projects can lead to spotting errors faster and making things more efficient for everyone involved. However, a simple website isn’t all that’s needed for true community-building these days. Developers and designers are the sort of people that use mobile devices extensively, and also the sort who love mashups and the like to save time and effort. For those people, Forrst has recently released the Forrst API, allowing access to Forrst through RESTful calls. And since that’s the sort of feature developers want to see, they’ve been clamoring for Forrst’s API, despite the site itself still in closed beta.

The API, also, is currently still a work in progress, but it looks very promising.

The Forrst API allows developers to interact with posts, comments, users, and so forth via an easy to use JSON API. Right now, the API is read-only, but will be expanded to provide full read and write support, as well as a Sign in with Forrst feature powered by OAuth2.

As it stands, the API mostly allows a developer to read the data from the site. However, soon they should have full write access and proper login access as well, using OAuth2. It is RESTful, and uses JSON, which is getting so normal that they even forget to mention that on the developer site. Even with the API still in a state of rapid change, there’s already a Ruby wrapper for it called Spruce. From their page:

The Forrst API is currently a moving target and the plan is to develop Spruce alongside it, as close as possible.

With this sort of support already, I look forward to seeing this one getting finished up. Making a good mobile app, or a mashup involving lots of places developers congregate, as mobile or desktop, are just a few uses this one could be put to.

A similar community, albeit more focused on sharing and building designs, is Dribbble, which also has the Dribbble API.

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June 12th, 2011
at 2:02 pm
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July 22nd, 2011
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November 30th, 2011
at 12:07 pm
Comment by: trinity travel abroad

i tried something similar called develop with me it only accepts apps i think this is much more useful

July 5th, 2012
at 2:32 am
Comment by: StormGate

Theres so much scope for sites like this, my favourite is phpsnips at the moment.

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