Twitter Q&A Service Searches Questions

Adam DuVander, June 14th, 2010

Are you ready to let everyone know the expert you are? Start by answering questions on Twitter using Replyz, a new service built on top of the Twitter API. It looks for common question phrases and extracts those tweets to its site. That way, the question can go beyond someone’s Twitter followers.

Here’s how Replyz explains it:

  • Someone asks a question on Replyz, or on Twitter
  • Replyz grabs it, amplifies, expands its reach
  • Replyz publishes the question through multiple channels, and people reply
  • Replyz aggregates replies into a live, threaded, joinable conversation

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand also has a nice introduction to the service:

I answered the question, even though I don’t follow this person, nor do they follow me. Replyz made it easy. All I had to do was search for “google,”and I got a list of all questions that Replyz had found being asked by anyone on Twitter about the company

There are many question and answer services, but the typical one faces problems of gathering and categorizing questions. With Replyz, it just searches Twitter using the API. Then, it divies out questions to its users’ dashboards according to the topics they’re interested in. For example, I like Google Maps and APIs, so those are two topics that I follow.

Replyz is a great example of Twitter’s potential as a platform. At a time when Twitter’s business decisions are keeping some from investing in the platform, it’s great to see a company creating as much value as it’s taking from Twitter. That’s good news for the keepers of the platform. Expect Twitter to do what it can to help these sorts of companies grow.

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3 Responses to “Twitter Q&A Service Searches Questions”

June 14th, 2010
at 5:05 pm
Comment by: JG Wentworth

This is a great idea for expanding questions and answers beyond the twitter’s friends – expanding the information arena. jgwentworth

July 2nd, 2010
at 3:03 am
Comment by: Tweets for Troops: Gratefulapp Sends Twitter Postcards

[...] a copy in its own database so that messages don’t disappear. In that way, it is similar to the Q&A service Replyz that we wrote about recently. Both use Twitter to currate content that was previously collected a [...]

July 29th, 2010
at 6:45 pm
Comment by: Replyz Team

Hi Adam – Just wanted to let you know that we’ve opened the site up now. Anyone can ask, reply, browse, etc, whether through their Twitter account, a Replyz account, or no account at all (anonymously). We like openness :) Please keep in touch and thanks again.

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