Instant Geo-tweet Maps: Just Add UMapper

Adam DuVander, February 28th, 2010

UMapper A dearth of geotweets didn’t stop UMapper (our UMapper API profile). Viewing geocoded tweets on a map is now super-easy, thanks to the snazzy Flash mapping platform’s new feature.

31 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, Digg, Facebook, Google, MySpace, NOAA, Twitter, and YouTube

John Musser, February 27th, 2010

This past week the new mashups added to our mashup directory used 31 different APIs. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include AddThis Menu, Get Satisfaction, Google Buzz, IMified, IP Address Lookup, Picnik and PostalMethods. The most often used APIs this week are, Facebook and Google Maps. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Social (6 APIs, 10 mashups), Internet (5 APIs, 5 mashups) and Photos (4 APIs, 4 mashups).

Best New Mashups: Random Chat, Twitter Chat and Tide Spying

Adam DuVander, February 26th, 2010

Perhaps you’re looking for a time-shifted, non-video Chat Roulette? Or, just a way to organize a conference or presentation backchannel? Then the list of the best new mashups has something for you. However, if you’re not a chatter and would rather just take a walk on the beach? Yeah, there’s a mashup for that, too.

Refine Your Site Concept With Prefinery Beta Testing

Adam DuVander, February 25th, 2010

PrefineryThere are a number of details required to start a new website and in many cases you’ll find yourself solving the same problems over again on the next project. A new class of extremely useful APIs is arising to fix those recurring pains. One such platform is provided by Prefinery, a system to outsource your beta invite process.

New API Puts Neighborhood Geo Boundaries Within Reach

Adam DuVander, February 24th, 2010

GeoReach NeighborhoodAnyone who lives in even a smaller city knows the importance of neighborhoods. Portland (where I live), for example, is really more like a collection of many connected small towns. Each has its own handful of coffee shops and restaurants. The people behind GeoReach API (our GeoReach API profile) understand this. The API provides neighborhood boundaries, along with local content.

AOL Integrates With Facebook, While Facebook Comes Up Short With Their Move to XMPP

Matthew Casperson, February 23rd, 2010

FacebookAs anyone with multiple social networking accounts can attest to, keeping track of them all can be time consuming. AIM Lifestream is a service from AOL that aggregates a number of social networking sites, and now Lifestream has been integrated into AOL Instant Messenger.

Car Dealer API Opens a Closed Industry

Adam DuVander, February 23rd, 2010

GOSOFirst an API for cars, now there’s one for the places that sell them. A new service from GOSO creates a standard interface to report real-time inventory and other car details. Any developer can now tap into this data and let users know where to find that blue Camry.

Use Postage to Send Email From Web Apps

Adam DuVander, February 22nd, 2010

PostageAppEmail doesn’t need postage, right? Is that old hoax about the postal service charging per message finally coming true? Not really. But PostageApp may be a service worth paying for if you want to send email from your application.

How to Make Sense of a User’s Geolocation

Adam DuVander, February 22nd, 2010

GeolenzThere is a new wave of mapping APIs that are helping developers provide better location feedback to users. These “reverse geocoders” do more than just return an address. Instead, they provide meaningful names associated with the place, such as a business. In some cases, it gets even more specific.

6 New APIs: Fraud Detection, Mobile Number Validation, Hosted Subversion, and Postcode Lookup

John Musser, February 21st, 2010

This week we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory. These latest entries include an API for a hosted subversion and storage service, a social content sharing and discussion API, a cell phone number validation service API, a UK address lookup service API, an API for an online fraud detection service, and an online project management and issue tracking API.

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