Skydeck API Fuses Mobile Phones and Social Networking

Kevin Farnham, September 9th, 2008

Skydeck announced their new APIs, with the objective of enabling developers to create applications that integrate personal cell phone data into their daily online experience, including email and calendars, Facebook, MySpace, and Salesforce. “Very few developers have ever had the chance to work with cell phone data, so we’re excited to see what people come up with.”

Indeed, there are some unique opportunities for developers building apps on the Skydeck API. The new API provides access to your mobile phone call log, address book, minutes remaining on your monthly plan, etc. Skydeck API applications can also access this information for accounts other than your own account, provided that the people have given permission for others to access the information. In this sense, Skydeck is like many online social networking sites. The screenshot below shows their dynamic “smarter address book”.

The Skydeck API is REST-based with returned in JSON format. All applications that use the API must implement OAuth, which enables users to set permissions for what data they’d like to make available to Skydeck API applications. API calls are secured through the use of an API key. The Skydeck API Documentation provides detailed information on the API methods, calling URLs, and the structure of the API’s data types.

See our new Skydeck profile for an overview of the API.

With Skydeck, people’s cell phones are transformed into an infrastructure that is the basis for a new kind of social networking. As Kristen Nicole wrote in her post “Skydeck API: Turn Your Phone Bill Into a Facebook Application”, Skydeck will:

“… change your perspective about the definition of a social network. In connecting the dots between you and the people you talk to on your cell phone, Skydeck is making a regular activity directly applicable to social networking.”

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September 9th, 2008
at 10:09 am
Comment by: Spydeck - La unión entre telefonía móvil y redes sociales | Incubaweb

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November 27th, 2012
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Comment by: Saideep

Hey it’s me again! haha. I just back from Melbourne. Great city and I went to Eureka as well.But I didnt know the windows at Eureka were tnteid! Damn! All photos came out not as pretty as yours. Reflections!Can you give some tips how you shoot at Eureka?

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