16 Online Email APIs

John Musser, December 5th, 2007

There are a growing range of open web service APIs providing email-related services, whether that’s for sending bulk emails, managing email marketing campaigns, validating email addresses, sending blog posts as emails or provisioning hosted email services. As of now, we have 16 email-related APIs listed here on ProgrammableWeb. Many of these are natural extensions of online email management and marketing services with APIs provided on a for-fee basis, usually on a sliding scale with pricing in buckets depending on number of emails sent. These can be quite profitable API platforms, with ExactTarget noting that they serve millions of API calls per month. For more, here’s a rundown of the APIs in this segment:

  • ExactTarget API: Offers a suite of REST and SOAP APIs including ETBatch for bulk data transfer for large data sets ETScript for conditional behavior within an email, and Content Syndication to inject content from your site or content management system into ExactTarget emails. Note that most of their developer resources are password protected for members only.
  • FeedBlitz API: A service that can convert RSS feed and blog updates into email digests. They offer a REST-based API.
  • Google Apps Email Migration API: As we reported last week, this web service helps business customers migrate their existing email infrastructure to Google Apps.
  • Google Provisioning API: Similar to above but more focused on the user setup function, this API provides a mechanism to programmatically create and manage Google Apps user accounts, nicknames, and email lists.
  • IntelliContact API: As they describe “IntelliContact allows businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations to easily create, send, and track email newsletters, surveys, blogs, autoresponders, and RSS feeds. The IntelliContact [REST] API enables advanced users to create applications and plugins that easily and safely interact with IntelliContact.”
  • InterFax API: This fax-centrix service have a SOAP web service and offer an email-to-fax gateway.
  • JangoMail API: Mass emailer for businesses and agencies offers this SOAP-based API.
  • MailBuild API: A service designed for agencies who will create templates then used by clients. Another SOAP API with functions for operations like adding and removing subscribers from lists.
  • Publicaster API: Email marketing campaign management tools with a SOAP web service for subscriber and list management.
  • Email Address Validator API: Give this web service an email address and it will tell you if it’s valid including domain and MX record check. From Dimple Software with online service provided by StrikeIron. Note that it is somewhat different in that it’s implemented at a library for the .NET platform.
  • StrikeIron Email Verification API: Another StrikeIron service that checkes whether or not an email address actually exists or not without actually ever sending an email message.
  • Undisposable API: An interesting API that’s intended to allow site owners to create a “collaborative protection system against disposable email addressing (DEA).” The idea is that it would prevent creation of user accounts based upon fake email addresses. REST-based.
  • Vertical Response API: An email marketing service with a SOAP API with “list management, campaign creation/launching, and response management (e.g. bounce/unsubscribe) features.”
  • Webmail.us API: Email hosting company (and division of Rackspace) offers an API with management and administration functions so “service providers are able to leverage the API to securely provision customer domains, mailboxes and related services in real-time using their own in-house systems [along with functions for] class-of-service controls for allotted storage space, number of mailboxes, spam filtering, and virus scanning settings.”
  • WhatCounts API: Email management and service provider with both SOAP and REST APIs.
  • Yahoo Mail API: With the Yahoo! Mail Web Service APIs, you can build applications to perform tasks such as listing messages, displaying folders, and composing and sending messages. You can see our launch coverage here. The mashup below demonstrates using this web service along with the Flickr API and Greasemonkey to send postcards

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December 5th, 2007
at 11:19 am
Comment by: » Daily Dose of Links - 20071205 Alvin Ashcraft’s Daily Geek Bits: Daily links plus random ramblings about development, gadgets and raising rugrats.

[...] 16 Online Email APIs [...]

December 26th, 2007
at 12:40 am
Comment by: New APIs: Email, Travel, Recommendations

[...] API: Last month we covered 16 email APIs and here’s another for that list: the email marketing service MailChimp. As they describe [...]

November 27th, 2008
at 4:55 am
Comment by: Dheeraj

Nice list of api’s.Thanks a ton.

December 5th, 2008
at 5:40 pm
Comment by: Steven


Contactology has a pretty powerful and full-featured API at http://www.contactology.com/email-marketing-api/index.php.


December 20th, 2011
at 12:41 am
Comment by: david


Thanks for the list guys. The api’s really do help. I like the link that steven posted as well. lol

March 16th, 2012
at 3:18 pm
Comment by: Social Media Tampa

Great list of API’s there, I have experience in only the Google Email Migration API.

May 23rd, 2012
at 3:25 am
Comment by: Define mailinglist using PHP | PHP Developer Resource

[...] If Google Apps doesn’t do it for you, here’s a (possibly dated) list of email services (most likely non-free) that provide an API: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2007/12/05/16-online-email-apis/ [...]

August 13th, 2012
at 1:28 am
Comment by: Bulk Emails

Hi thanks a lot for a discerning post, I really found your blog by mistake while searching on Google for something else closely related..I have bookmarked your site

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